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A plethora of real information. - October 22, 2013

As I myself have begun posting white papers on the things near and dear to my professional heart, dog & cat feeding and nutrition, I admit that I use the Internet for a lot of my research and information checking.  Folks there are good websites and there are some really bad ones to be aware of and avoid.  Please be careful where you look for information, ANYONE can make a website and often do, I can recall years back trying to decide what was the best bedding to use in a particular reptile’s cage, I found one site that said to use sand and another that gave me many reasons why sand was a terrible choice.  Finally I went to the website of the companies that made the various types of reptile bedding and found good and accurate information and guess what they agreed on the use of sand for that particular reptile species.  I since realized that many hobbyists, purely amateurs are posting advice that is often just plain wrong.

I have found that one of the great websites available for information on dog and cat food and nutrition can be found on the Natura Pet website.   Particularly in the resource library that can be found at : the company regularly updates the information and content of this resource and is a wonderland of excellant information.  The information you find there was written by professional; veterinarians, nutritionists, microbiologists, and the like and is information you can trust.

So in general when you need information of dog and cat food go to the folks that make dog and cat food. Find the websites of the companies whose foods you trust and see what they offer.

For a fast and easy way to find those sites go to our foods page and find the site for the brands we carry.

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