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If you are looking to substitute canned dog foods, we’ve got you covered. - August 25, 2015

For years Merrick cans have dominated the high end canned dog food market with their strong selection of varieties.

Although we at Pets Pets Pets are confident that there will be no change in the quality of these products for the foreseeable future, we do understand that many of our customers are uncomfortable with the news that Merrick has been sold to Nestle / Purina.  As a result we have been diligently looking for other lines of similarly priced high quality stews in varieties that will satisfy your dogs’ taste and nutritional needs and still let you sleep at night knowing that you are doing the very best for them.

Included in the lines all made in the USA already in stock or due in by the end of this week are:

Nature’s Variety Prairie

Wild Callings


If there are other lines that you may be interested in please contact us about filling your needs.


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