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It really isn’t that difficult. - August 16, 2014

Really folks feeding dogs and cats is not brain surgery, heck it isn’t even rock science.

Never before were so many great foods and knowledge available to you regarding feeding your dogs and cats.  Just go to the local grocery store and ask a clerk or maybe ask the sweet older gentleman greeting you at Walmart?  Or wait just Google it!  Seriously folks when you need legal advice you go to a lawyer, when you medical advice you go to a doctor, so why not go to the right source for dog and cat food advice, your local independently owned pet food and supply store where the staff is trained to know dog and cat food.

Here at Pets Pets Pets we carry over 30 top quality brands and can help find you the best products to fit your pets’ nutritional needs and you budget.  Our pricing is fair and more than competitive with big box stores and the Internet.  Can we sell you Old Roy like you get can get at Walmart?  No! But you have all heard the adage “you get what you pay for”.

Stop in and let us put your pet on the road to good nutrition.

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