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Rotate your pets’ diets. - October 21, 2013

Diet rotation for dogs and cats,

For decades now I have advocated that we rotate the diets of dogs and cats. Years back when I first started recommending this approach to nutrition I was questioned by customers, often veterinarians, and even the manufacturers of the foods. I once received a call from a representative of a major national brand of dog & cat foods asking me why I took this approach? When I explained my thoughts she told me the company did not approve of such a feeding regimen, when I asked her why her response was something like this “what if you are feeding our lamb diet and then change to someone else’s chicken diet”?

In general when we refer to rotation we are talking about the protein source used in the diet. I ask you this; if a dog hungry for a meal walked into a barnyard and saw a coop of chickens would he say to himself “darn I only eat Lamb and Rice” and walk away from the available meal. Sadly the industry both the retail pet supply chain and the veterinary side had long promoted feeding the same food from birth to earth only adjusting from a puppy stage to an adult stage to a senior diet all consisting of the same proteins, fats and other ingredients only varying the levels of some of them.

When and why did I first start believing in rotational feeding?
• Over many years of selling dog and cat foods I would often hear customers telling me that their vets told them to change their pets’ diet as believe they have become allergic to it. Very often the next words out of the customer’s mouths were “I don’t understand why, he or she has been eating the same food for years”. Could the animals’ immune system now be rejecting the food? Well it could be could it not? More recently we understand that an animal is only allergic to what they have been exposed to and we know that by changeling to novel food ingredients will generally alleviate any true food allergy.
• Nutrient values of different foods, all food ingredients have different nutrients the amino acids, fatty acids and minerals for example that vary between different ingredients especially proteins. By rotating the proteins in the pets’ diet we are availing them of the best variety of these nutrients.
• “I’m afraid that if I change my pets’ diet he will get an upset stomach”. Yes he very well may, think about this; if you ate chicken for five years and nothing else and then went to a fine steak restaurant, ate a big old sirloin steak I think you may end up with quite an upset stomach and suffer the unpleasant results of that situation. When beginning a rotation diet ease them into it. Begin by introducing the new food into the old at about a ratio of 1 part new to 3 or 4 parts old. Over the next 4-7 days or so slowly increase the new food and decrease the old food until the old food is gone. This means you have to buy the new food when you have about 3-4 days of old food left so think ahead. As you approach the end of the new food find another new food to introduce to the pet and do it the same way and at the end of that bag maybe even try a fourth variety using the same introducing technique. Once you have gotten the animal use to a three or four variety rotation you will most likely find that you can alter the foods at will with no ill consequences. If it is convenient you may even consider keep a few different foods on hand and begin alternating the diets from day to day. Research done at the Natura Health & Nutrition Center has shown that keeping the foods within 3% similar fat levels with help minimize much of the stomach upset.
So, in summation find a variety of TOP QUALITY FOODS. Pick a few different ones using a variety of protein sources and begin to rotate your pets’ diets. Add some cans once in a while or on a regular basis, and if you can, look into raw frozen diets as well but whether you go with kibbled, canned, raw, ROTATE YOUR PETS’ DIETS.

For more information on protein rotation see the following website:



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