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The Final three are in stock now. - April 7, 2015

This year has begun with a slew of new dog and cat foods arriving here at Pets Pets Pets.

The most recent three new lines showed up just yesterday April 6th.  So let us introduce to you:

  • From Bravo- Homestyle Complete Freezed Dried meals.  Available in three protein varieties: Beef, Pork and Turkey, these formulas when rehydrated with water offer an alternative to kibbled diets, can be used instead of cans as a taste enhancer or as a suitable substitute for raw diets when traveling makes it hard to carry frozen product.
  • From Merrick- LID diets Available in kibbled and canned formulas in the following protein choices: Duck, Lamb, Salmon and Turkey.  These diets are designed to help deal with food allergies in dogs and boast a 25 to 26% protein level.
  • From Merrick- Backcountry Raw infused diets come in kibbled and canned formulas.  Offering higher protein levels with added freezed dried product, formulas include a chicken based Puppy diet at 30% protein and adult formulas in Red Meat 38%, Game Bird 38% and a Pacific Catch at 34%.  Also in this line up are two 96% meat canned formula offered in either a beef or chicken and 5 stew style cans including beef, chicken thigh, duck, rabbit and salmon.

Added to these other great new lines we’ve recently bought in, we think it further makes Pets Pets Pets the place that really can say

“We Cater to Your Pets’ Needs”

  • From Natural Balance- LID Legume and Wagyu Beef and their new Wild Pursuit raw infused foods for both dogs and cat in kibbled and canned formulas
  • From Nature’s Variety Ultimate Protein diets for dogs and cats kibbled food in Chicken and Duck.
  • And last but not least we are so very proud to have been selected as one of a few dealers to carry From Orijen-Tundra this trend setting kibbled diet boasts no less than 14 varieties of protein as the first ingredients in the food.  Topping out at a minimum 38% protein. 

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