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Reptiles with their special needs have a much greater captive life expectancy today, than they did twenty years ago.

When we first opened back in the 70’s you could fit all of the available products marketed for the care of reptiles in the proverbial thimble.  Even though we do not carry reptiles we now stock a world of top quality products for their care.

trex-heat-lamp Iguana-sampler mealworms

Included in our regular inventory are products from many manufacturers including: ZooMed, Energy Savers, T-Rex, Nature’s Zone, Timberline and many others.

Live food? Yes!  Crickets, mega worms, meal-worms. Orders for bulk quantities of crickets are accepted, choose the size you need, order 500 for only $12.50. Orders are available for your pick up each week.

Into Hermit Crabs? We’ve got your Pets’ needs covered!  Besides products from many of the above-mentioned companies we also feature the FLORIDA MARINE RESEARCH line of Hermit Crab supplies.

So remember when Reptile supply is your need, we are your source!

Small Animal Care

For more information on the care of reptiles click here

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