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Wild Birds

Customers are always amazed when they first take note of our wild bird food selection and prices.

On hand are always a variety of seed mixes, from Wild Delight in sizes from 4 to 40 pounds.  Black Oil Sunflower in 25 and or 50 lbs. bags, cracked and whole corn, as well as suet and woodpecker cakes from Pine Tree Farms in a variety of sizes and flavors.  Hummingbird, food we’ve got it and for your convenience our thistle seed is repacked in gallon jugs or available in 25 and 50 lb. bags.

Product_Cardinal feeder Classic-Seed-Log

Quality.. No problem, as with every product we offer, we provide a quality brand.   In our seed mixes you are not going to find red millet and other seeds, which go to waste because birds just won’t eat them. These seeds are used in many lesser quality brands to lower the price, but don’t be fooled, if the birds don’t eat the seed you are not paying less.

So remember, if backyard bird feeding is your fancy, Pets Pets Pets should be your feed store!    

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