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When it comes to building a fish tank, this goes beyond fish and water. It is also important to invest in the best fish tank accessories. 

Driftwood is a popular addition to numerous fish tanks. This can be used to add a natural, simplistic environment to the tank. Driftwood is a safe accessory; however, it is important to use caution when adding wood that is still alive. There might be live microbes hiding on the wood, which could make fish sick. 

There are numerous stones and pebbles that can make a wonderful enhancement to a fish tank. They are also best for tanks going for a natural feel, allowing fish to live in their native habitat. Any kind of rocks that are found outside should be boiled for an hour to kill any type of microorganisms that might be present. Some of the most popular rock choices include river pebbles, rainbow rick, zebra rock, glass rock, and ice rock.

An interesting, unique option for aquariums are caves. Caves can be used for safety purposes for fish that might be timid. There are numerous types of caves that can make terrific additions to aquariums. Make sure that all caves are cleaned by boiling them for a short amount of time. This is done to kill any type of germs that might be existing.

Those who are going for a truly unique fish tank should consider adding a commercial ship. These come in all shapes and sizes, varying from a ship from a sci-fi movie to a natural ship that might be found at the bottom of the ocean. Prey fish usually like to hide in ships as a source of protection and convenience.

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