Give your new pup the best start by managing your expectations.  Consider how your new, adopted pup might feel as they arrive home with you:  disoriented, scared, hungry, thirsty, stressed?  Imagine how you would feel if someone dropped you into the middle of a foreign city where you didn't speak the language or know your way around.  To keep in mind how you can help your pup, the "Rule of 3's" is a general timeline on how dogs adjust to their new homes.

3 DAYS for your new pup to feel able to settle; that maybe he/she won't get suffled around again and the same person will be around.

3 WEEKS for your pup to figure out structure and schedule: where to sleep, where to go to the bathroom, when food will come, when you will be around, etc.

3 MONTHS for your pup to fully acclimate and smile, completely at ease, and fully appreciate your home and household routines.

As you welcome your new family member, try to keep this in mind to avoid applying additional stressors.  And for some, the adjustment may be much quicker, or sadly much slower, depending on the personality and history of the rescue.

Happy adoption!  Rescue a dog; they save you.